Things that Every Photographer Should Carry

First, if you use an old-fashioned Nikon, the three things you’ll need the most with that are plenty of roles of film negatives, a spare lens or two and a tripod. On the contrary, if you take photos with a digital camera in order to Photoshop them at a later point, all you’ll need is spare batteries, maybe a spare SD card, maybe a tripod and a spare camera. During the colder times, you may want to wear gloves with holes in the fingers so that you’ll be able to keep your hands from freezing on you and simultaneously still be able to adjust your camera’s settings.

Here are the top five things you’ll definitely need besides your camera:

1. Something to shield yourself, your camera and other photography gear in inclement weather, such as a poncho and a Ziploc bag.

2. A flashlight or LED light for when you’re going on assignment at night or in a generally dark environment. The latter can also be used for illuminating your environment in the color that you want it to be.

3. Filter wrenches. In case you need to remove your lens and run into some difficulty when doing so. You can order them in a package for just $9.98 with Amazon.

4. Your business cards. You never know where you may find a potential client.

5. A simple cleaning kit so that you can remove any dust and smudges off your lens.

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