Momondo Go Pro Competition

Would you like to win a fabulous Go Pro camera? Then grab your camera and get shooting! Momondo are running a fantastic competition with a Go-Pro camera as prize, and all you have to do is upload a photo of spring city life to Instagram to be in with a chance of winning.

But how are you going to make your photos stand out from the crowd? These five tips will help you make the best of your photo skills.

Get prepared

Planning ahead makes it more likely that you will capture a winning shot. Firstly, make sure you have any equipment you need. Whilst most images uploaded to Instagram are taken on smartphones or tablets, it’s possible to upload DSLR images too, so anyone can take part. You might want to take along a tripod or separate flash gun if you own a DSLR. Decide whether you want to shoot during the day or at night – it may be more difficult to take photos about spring in the dark, but it’s not impossible. Get to know how your camera works really well and always select the highest possible resolution.

Think about your subject

The city offers a breathtaking variety of possible subjects, so think about the kind of photo you want to take. Of course, city parks and gardens have plenty of floral displays and wildlife, and wilder areas such as heathland have a stunning variety of possible shots. But don’t forget subjects such as people (perhaps enjoying the first taste of spring sunshine?), or buildings where the windows may reflect the sun. And always be on the look-out for an unexpected shot, like a trail of ducklings crossing the road – sometimes those can be the most effective.

Plan your shot

Don’t settle for the obvious! To make an impact, your photo needs to have something different about it, perhaps by taking it from an unusual angle or viewpoint, like a shot of blossoming trees reflected in office windows. Take a range of different images, such as a wide panorama of a bulb display or a close-up of a bee in a flower, and take as many shots as you can – you can always delete unwanted photos later. And make use of natural light e.g. an image of a leaf with the sun behind it.

Review your images

Although you can review your images on a smartphone, many people prefer to do this on a larger screen such as a tablet or laptop. Don’t automatically delete shots you don’t like; you may find the special effects and filters on Instagram give them a whole new appeal. Narrow your selection down to around ten or twelve images, choosing a good variety of shots, and upload them to Instagram to be edited.

Edit your photos

Go through each photo carefully, and experiment with different effects until you get the result you want. Once you have edited your selection, you can then decide on your best photos to enter into the competition. Then it’s simply a matter of uploading and tagging your images, following the instructions on Momondo.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will create the winning image, but following these steps should give you a head-start on the competition, and who knows what could happen?

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