Edit Your Travel Photos with Picasa 3

Picasa 3- Travel Photo Editing Software

When editing your travel photos it can become a daunting task narrowing down what software program to use.  Should I go with an expensive program with all of the bells and whistles?  What about free options?  Are they any good.  Lightroom or Photoshop?  Gimp or Photoscape?  I’ve tried all of these programs, but nothing, in my opinion, comes close to the simplicity and intuitive design of Picasa 3.  Why is it so good?  These are three reasons I believe it’s the best free software photographers can use to edit their photos.

Easy of Use

As far as I’m concerned photo and video editing software had better be easy to use or else most of their functionality is wasted.  Picasa 3 scores highly in this area.  With a clean design, well organized tabs and grouped tasks it delivers high results in all three areas.  I recently showed Picasa 3 to one of my students was able to easily use the program.  The fact the program was easy to use for a second language learner further confirmed how easy it is to use Picasa 3.

Basic Editing Powers

A basic photo editing software should have tools that make it easy to trim and crop your photos.  Moreover, one should have control over the exposure and saturation levels.  With easy to use sliders one can correct over and under exposed photos.  I find this especially useful for portraits (which tend to be overexposed) and for landscape photos (which tend to be underexposed).  The saturation slider allows you to add pop to your photos to really make your colours to shine.

Advanced Features

Finally, a top notch program ought to have enough advanced features to please the intermediate level photographer or enthusiast.  Picasa 3, once again, delivers in this area in the form of presets.  With a multitude of different presets one can turn their photo into black and white, gray scale, sepia along with many other options.  One of my personal favourites is the preset that allows you to choose a select focus while blurring the rest of the photo.

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