Bangkok Thailand is a major tourist destination city due of its numerous places of interest. Always carry your camera to ensure that you take high resolution photographs of the exciting places in this marvelous city. The 5 places to photograph in Bangkok must include the different aspects of Thailand as a country, so as to […]

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Wat Phra Kaew (Grand Palace)

Bangkok is one of the most steamy & gritty cities one can visit in South East Asia, yet it has plenty of charms as well.  One will never run out of places to visit or take travel photos.  It is easy to search online for Bangkok cheap hotel accommodation since it is such a big city. It […]

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Two locals (Thai lady and daughter) walking in Bangkok, Thailand

In this travel photo you will notice two Thai locals (Mother and daughter) walking down a street in Bangkok, Thailand.  As a travel photography tip, don’t be afraid to take candid shots of locals.  Some of the best’people shots’ are candid photos as opposed to posed portraits.  To be less intrusive carry a lens with […]

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