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Capturing NYC Through Your Camera Lense

NYC skyline - Flickr CC arturodonate

There is no better place than New York when visiting Northern America. Whether you are visiting for leisure or business, it is paramount to carry a camera with you. This is because you will need to photograph the many places of interest that you will visit. The 5 places to photograph in New York to […]

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Photographing Thailand’s Natural Beauty


Bangkok Thailand is a major tourist destination city due of its numerous places of interest. Always carry your camera to ensure that you take high resolution photographs of the exciting places in this marvelous city. The 5 places to photograph in Bangkok must include the different aspects of Thailand as a country, so as to […]

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The 4 Most Haunted Places in Paris

Sculls and Bones, Catacombes of Paris - Flickr CC Oh-Paris

Many tourists travel to Paris to sip espresso at a sidewalk café or take a romantic stroll along the Seine. What these unwitting travelers might not realize is that beyond Paris’ beautiful façade are some of the strangest, most haunted sites in all of Europe, many of which are also some of the city’s most […]

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Best train journeys in Canada

Jasper Trains - Flickr CC ajuorio

Canada has some of the most exciting train journeys. It is worthwhile to book a Canada rail holiday and enjoy the true romance that the railroad as to offer. You can view several sites in comfort as you enjoy the great train ride that includes stops offs in some attractive resorts in Canada like the […]

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Top Attractions to Photograph in Montreal

Montreal Cityscape - Flickr CC robertvitulano

Known for its beauty, Montreal is a well known attractive destination that receives a good number of visitors each year. This destination has got it all – outdoor enjoyments, a vibrant nightlife, shopping places, natural scenic beauty and so much more. Visitors have got lots of activities that they can do while in Montreal. The […]

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An Art Lover’s Guide to Chennai

Chennai, India Harbor - Flickr CC NOAA

Chennai is a vibrant and exciting Indian city and has its own distinct art and culture scene. This 369 year-old city, once known as Madras, is a gateway to South India and has a long art and culture tradition. Since its independence, it has become the centre of the Tamil movie industry as well as […]

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Out in Moscow with A Camera

Kremlin sunset - Flickr CC John Leach

The capital of Russia Moscow is the home of creative energy, amazing sites, splendid galleries, and other places of interests. Always remember to carry your camera to be able to take pictures of the places you visit. The 5 places to photograph in Moscow must include: Nikolo-Ugresh Monastery It is located less than 20 minutes […]

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The call of Aphrodite

Gorgeous views from Paphos by flickr user Verity Cridland

The call of Aphrodite If you’re going to choose a destination, make it one that has a special, mystical element to it, something a little different. Paphos is the mythical birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite – and for me, that’s as good an excuse as any! Paphos is small and compact, yet a very popular […]

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