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4 places to visit on a roadtrip through Italy

Italy - Flickr CC njyo

If you are in Italy, a road trip will be a great way to discover this amazing country. Though you can mix your itineraries and plan trips from a week to a month depending on the time you can spare, below is given a list of 4 places to visit on a roadtrip through Italy. […]

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Protecting Yourself and Your Equipment

Camera Lenses - Flickr CC Tim Mcniff

When it comes to travel photography, your equipment is everything. Having your camera lost, stolen or broken will ruin any trip and could result in the loss of all the photographs you had taken. However, your camera is not the only essential piece of equipment you need to look after when travelling, you also have […]

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Top tourist attractions not to miss in Benidorm

Scenic landscape of Benidorm - Flickr CC sky_hlv

Benidorm attracts more than 500,000 visitors each year with its numerous beaches – the main ones being Poniente and Levante – and its wealth of options by way of sights, landmarks, theme parks, water sports and adventures. With this in mind, here are some of the top tourist attractions not to miss when taking holidays […]

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Taking Pictures Around Paris


Paris is synonymous with beauty and love and so are the places that you can photograph while taking a holiday in France. There are more than enough locations in the many places of interest that you will be able to visit. These of course provide excellent angles to take perfect shots of nature, buildings, monuments, […]

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Visiting Barcelona’s Best Attractions

Architecture of Barcelona Flickr CC puuikibeach

Barcelona, the city of surprises, is located in a region full of magnificent edifices, superb climate, and it is also rich in culture. This general outlook of Barcelona is a fusion of modern architecture capped with unmatched historical facts. The 5 places to photograph in Barcelona include: Sagrada Familia This is the famed church built […]

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Tenerife’s Playa de las Americas: Do I Dare?

Playa de las americas - Flickr CC gkshots

There are certain holidays which are, to euphemise, an acquired taste. Whilst some people wax lyrical about caravanning in Kent, others would rather not. To some folk, the very definition of holiday means laying on the beach, inert until scarlet, for a fortnight. Others take trips to explore and discover strange lands and cultures. Then, […]

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5 best art museums of London

Art sculpture - Flickr CC sonewfangled

London, a city with captivating history and strong cultural heritage, features a wide array of museums filled with content that can cater to the taste of any person. Be it artifacts and paintings, sculptures and scriptures or books and manuscripts from the Renaissance, Impressionist, Medieval, Victorian or modern era, the art museums in London can […]

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Seeing the Best of Rome

Trevi Fountain - Flickr CC darkrometours

Tourists that have taken holidays in Rome, Italy realize that every single step of exploring the city is worth taking a picture. Italy’s capital is full of things to see and learn including palaces, gardens, churches, markets streets, and old structures. The 5 places to photograph in Rome amongst the mentioned must include: Saint Peters […]

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