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Travel Insurance Outside of Australia Made Easy

Sunset - Flickr CC neilspicys

Travel insurance for those traveling outside Australia is incredibly important before you even step foot on the plane. When you leave Australia you are leaving your comfort zone and run the risk of having to pay through the nose or being in a sticky situation should you need medical attention of have any kind of […]

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Europe meets Asia: The unique charm of Istanbul

Just one of many hallways in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. Flickr CC Alaskan Dude

Ever since it was founded around 600BC, Istanbul has been one of the most important cities in the world. It has gone through name changes – originally Byzantium, it was later changed to Constantinople – and been the capital of four of the world’s greatest empires: the Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman. Even today, spanning […]

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Enjoy Waiting For A Connecting Flight

Hong Kong Airport - Flickr CC charclam

Waiting for a connecting flight can be a frustrating experience. It can be even worse when the waiting time is extended due to unavoidable circumstances. But since you can’t control bad weather, flight delays, or missing a connecting flight, let’s start with what you can control. When planning transportation to the airport, you may want to […]

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Top 5 Street Markets To Visit In Hong Kong

Market in Hong Kong - Flickr CC -ocean

Hong Kong is considered one of the shopping capitals of Asia, it’s now easier than ever to get there. Tourists who flock to this place are always after great bargains and Hong Kong’s markets offer exactly that. Here are some of the most famed outdoor markets you should consider visiting: 1) Fa Yuen Street Located […]

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Exploring Tabarca

Tabarca, Alicante at night - Flickr CC Jesus Alenda

You’ve made the journey on a flight to Alicante. You’ve spent a few days lounging about on beaches and exploring the local area. Now, you’re starting to feel restless. It’s a perfectly normal phenomenon that, when you’re taking time off from your busy life, you suddenly find yourself missing all the things that made life exciting. […]

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5 Tips for Taking Creative Photos of Famous Monuments

Taking photos of the Golden Gate Bridge

Photography nowadays had become a very interesting art. It allows a person to capture life, nature, special milestones, perfect moments and everything in between. With its high tech and advance features, people are more and more fond and eager to learn and enjoy this field of interest. But how does this apply to photographing famous […]

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5 Tips on Nighttime Photography for Beginners

Nighttime Rush - Flickr CC illuminated_photography

Along with the fast paced advancement of technology, taking pictures and capturing perfect moments has become very interesting especially with the emergence of digital cameras. Hundreds of millions of people from all fashions have become so enthusiastic with photography. Some are making it a profession, while others are treating it as a hobby. But whether […]

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A visit to Havana, Cuba

Caribbean Street

A short sightseeing guide to Cuba’s capital, Havana. Here is where to go and what to see during your visit: Old Havana Old Havana is located in the city centre and it is where most of the historic buildings are found. This part of town is a UNESCO world heritage site, and it’s the best […]

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