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Finding Natural Beauty to Photograph

Elephant in Africa - Flickr CC frontierofficial

KwaZulu-Natal offers the naturalist photographer an excellent variety of landscape and animal opportunities. The province’s beaches are spectacular, especially on the lower south coast, with rocky coves and sweeping sand. Rock pools, palm trees, and driftwood offer an exciting portfolio subject. Inland are the spectacular Drakensberg Mountains, which offer great wide-angle photo opportunities. The rugged […]

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Santorini: It doesn’t get any more beautiful than this!

Fira sunset, Santorini, Greece

The Greek island of Santorini is simply an enchanting place. Its beautiful sunsets and charming towns carved into the rock draw travellers from far and wide; especially couples and honeymooners looking to basque in a romantic setting. A visit to Santorini will include wandering the white streets of the painted town, cooling off in the […]

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5 Islands To Consider For Your Greek Holiday

Mykonos, Greece - Flickr CC tommyvos

If you’re looking for warm azure waters and glorious beaches fit for the sun gods, then it doesn’t get any better than Greece! The nice thing about the Greek islands, is that each island has it’s own distinct flavour, so whether you’re looking for a bit of adventure or simply want to spend your days […]

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Experience the Best of Australia in 2014

Western Australia - Flickr CC daren_ck

We’re all guilty of making New Year’s resolutions we’ll never stick to, so instead of sacrificing the chocolate again, why not make a goal you can stick to? With vibrant cities, some of the world’s most incredible scenery and some truly phenomenal beaches, holidays don’t come much more spectacular than Australia. Make 2014 the year […]

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Australia by Campervan as a Travel Alternative

Seeing Australia by campervan - Flickr CC edumariz

Relocating a campervan is a great way to save money on your next family vacation. It’s an alternative to taking a road trip in a cramped vehicle for hundreds of kilometers. Hotel Bills When you travel by campervan, there’s no need for a hotel room. This will save you hundreds on the cost of your […]

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4 Idyllic Island Wedding Destinations for 2014

Flickr CC jwmarriottguanacaste

The last few years has seen a growing trend in the number of couples who decide to marry overseas, no doubt in part due to the great thrill of escaping to a far flung destination to tie the knot. Many couples choose to wed on an island paradise if they marry internationally – think warm […]

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5 Reasons to Travel Europe on a River Cruise

River Seine Cruise - Flickr CC Robert S. Donovan

Travel may take the form of everything from sights and events to languages and cultures. However, people can easily fall back on the well-worn paths of others out of sheer inertia. Most people just think of hopping on a plane or a train or perhaps a rental car to tour Europe, but considering River Cruises […]

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Places to Visit in Khao Lak, Thailand

Khao Lak, Thailand - Flickr CC jeffgunn

Khao Lak, situated in the Phang Nga Province of southern Thailand, is a strip of coastal resorts and a popular tourist destination. It’s a charming combination of beautiful beaches and a backdrop of mountains, featuring unspoiled natural parks, great access to nature as well as an array of activities such as off-shore diving. There’s a […]

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