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My Top 5 Favorite Greek Islands For Your Next Mediteranean Vacation

While a lot of the Greek Islands do have some shared features and culture, the wide variety available ensure a little bit of something for everyone and a unique experience to be had no matter which you choose. Having visited a number of the islands, I want to share my personal favorites. Without further ado… […]

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Photography Tips for the Bird Watcher

Bird watching and photography bear many similarities. They both require practice and at least some knowledge in order to see any decent results. They also require astute attention and a hearty amount of patience as both a great shot and an elusive bird may only present themselves for a brief moment. They’re also easy to […]

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How to Choose a Rugged Camera

Unless you’re comfortable with the idea of risking your expensive picture and video equipment to water exposure, it’s best to consider a rugged camera for photography in water-dominant areas including beaches, areas with waterfalls and even during hikes on a rainy day. Rugged cameras do more than just keep water out, they also feature shock […]

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Top Five Landmarks to Photograph in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik by Flickr CC Instant2010

The Croatian city of Dubrovnik, on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, is one of the country’s major tourist destinations. Each year, thousands of tourists visit the city’s beaches, of which the main one is Banje. The entire city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here are five landmarks that every visitor […]

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Creating the Bokeh Effect in your Photography

Bokeh Effect by Flickr CC Vikramdeep Sidhu

Creating the bokeh effect in your photography is something that every new photographer should learn how to accomplish. This effect gives more attention to the subject of the image and creates a soft background for it to lie against. To create this effect, you should have a lens with at least an f/2.8 aperture. Faster […]

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How to Use A Fish-Eye Lens To Experiment with Your Photography

Fish Eye Lens by Flickr CC ZoeLouisePhotography

Fish eye lens is basically a wide angle lens that captures an extremely wide image with the produced images being highly restored to give the pictures a dynamic, abstract feel to them. Photographers can get a fish eye lens from any major lens manufacturer. Canon and Nikon are said to be the best lenses if […]

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5 Tips for Photographing Landscapes

Sonamarg Landscape by Flickr CC Kashmir Pictures

Landscapes photography could be the simplest form of image capturing, since it depicts the natural scenery of a single view. But achieving the best quality and perfect landscape image could also be tricky enough if you don’t have the basic orientation in professional photographing. But with observing these 5 tips for photographing landscapes can help you […]

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Top Destinations in Venice for Photographers

Venice Night by Flickr CC Iselin

For many photographers, the first thought to cross their mind in a new city is “What should I photograph first?” Hopefully these suggestions will help guide this thought so that you can make every moment count and come home with some amazing images. One of the most famous locations in Venice is Piazza San Marco, […]

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