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How To Protect Your Camera Gear While Traveling

  Taking a trip around the world is something many dream of.  Whether or not you are travelling half way around the world or a nearby city from your home town, it’s important to have a strategy in place to keep your camera gear protected.  The following four tips are ways in which you can […]

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Elm Tree during sunset in Fredericton, Canada | Photo Tip

This enormous elm tree is rendered into a silhouette during sunset in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Travel photo from Fredericton, New Brunswick - Canada. http://nomadicsamuel.com

This travel photo is of an elm tree that I captured in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada during sunset.  As a travel photography tip consider shooting at sunset for dramatic photos.  When others are eating it’s likely the best time for you to go outside and take shots.  Being a serious photographer takes a certain element […]

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Mountain in Norte Argentino | Photo Tip

Colourful mountain in Norte Argentino

The picture above is of colorful mountains in Argentina, the shot was taken in the late afternoon Argentina is one of those countries that have hidden beauty you have to see for yourself.  For photos with incredible colour composition and impressive saturation consider using a polarizing filter.  Travel photos with vibrant colours are impressive to […]

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Statue in Buenos Aires, Argentina | Photo Tip


I took this travel photo from a statue in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The photo in original form was decent enough but I feel I’ve added a new element by editing this shot. Not every photo you take needs to come straight form you camera and onto your website or facebook. Sometimes it’s best to edit […]

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Cute Dog in Songtan, Korea | Photo Tip

Cute Dog in Songtan, Korea

This travel photo is of a curious cute dog roaming the streets in Songtan, Korea near an American Military Base. Recently, I’ve written a guide regarding changing your perspective to improve your travel photography.  Nothing exemplifies this more than this particular shot.  I crouched down on my knees as low as I could get and […]

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Atacama Moon Desert Panorama, Chile | Photo Tip

A panorama perspective shot of the Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna) in the Atacama Desert, Chile.  Travel photo from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. http://nomadicsamuel.com

This is a panoramic travel photo from the Moon Valley Desert in Atacama, Chile.  Many new cameras (both point and shoot) have features or modes that automatically stitch your panorama together without the use of software.  For those with older cameras you can still take photos overlapping one another to end up with a panorama […]

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Locals in Bangkok, Thailand | Photo Tip

Two locals (Thai lady and daughter) walking in Bangkok, Thailand

In this travel photo you will notice two Thai locals (Mother and daughter) walking down a street in Bangkok, Thailand.  As a travel photography tip, don’t be afraid to take candid shots of locals.  Some of the best’people shots’ are candid photos as opposed to posed portraits.  To be less intrusive carry a lens with […]

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Vietnamese Lady wearing conical hat | Photo Tip

A Vietnamese lady wearing a conical hat radiates a beautiful smile - Mekong Delta, Vietnam. http://nomadicsamuel.com

This is a travel photo of a Vietnamese lady wearing a conical hat taken when I was visiting the Mekong Delta area south of Saigon, Vietnam.  When taking portraits or shots of people considering filling the frame.  What does this mean exactly?  It means filling the frame of your photo where the subject takes up most of […]

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