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Photographing Photogenic Prague

Astronomical Clock in Prague - Flickr CC zoonabar

The Czech Republic is a very interesting country with many places of interest that tourists strive to visit. However, the majority of the country’s tourist attraction sites are all archived in the city of Prague. This is a city so photogenic that you’ll want to make sure you have your camera in hand every time […]

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5 Reasons to Explore Germany

Romantic Road Bike Tour 10

The Romantic Road is one of those must visit tourist locations that many of us have heard of.  It is not however the road itself that is worth viewing, but rather the trail and tour through time that the road will lead you on.  Medieval Towns, abandoned country roads, grandiose castles, and friendly and helpful […]

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Photograph the Sites in London


It is acknowledged that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is precisely why when you visit the wonderful city of London you should ensure that you bring along your camera. Here are some ideas of where to find the perfect photo opportunities in the city. Buckingham Palace Take a shot at Buckingham Palace […]

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Top 5 Places to photograph in Tokyo


Tokyo is a photographers dream. Avant garde fashion, ancient temples, modern architecture, and masses of people living together in the confines of such a great city. It’s no wonder Tokyo is one of the prime places that tourists love to visit in Asia. No matter where your hotel in Tokyo is located, here are some ideas for where […]

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Sipadan, Malaysia: Scuba Diving!

Sipadan Island | Semporna | Sabah | Malaysian North Borneo by flickr user azmanjumat

If you are looking for a truly memorable vacation experiences, then you might consider going to Sipadan Island. This island in Sabah, Malaysia is a small island covered with rainforest which is equally fascinating like the underwater. The island is actually a top of a lava chimney from an active volcano millions of years ago. […]

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Travel Calendars as a way to share your travel photos

Travel Calendar by flickr user danmoyle

Imagine this exact scenario.  You’ve just returned home from a trip of a lifetime having experienced life changing events and you’ve taken more photos than you know what to do with.  How can you share them with your friends and family in a meaningful way.  Let’s face it, your average pal or family member may […]

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Places I’d Love to Photograph In The Future

The Northern Lights in Iceland by flickr user heatherbuckley

As a travel photographer, I often love to look through my collection of photos to reminisce about the memories I have from a specific place.  A specific photo can often take me back in time on a journey to that exact moment where I can actually experience the same emotions and physiology I did at the […]

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Sleepless in Seattle

Seattle skyline by flickr user dph1110

Walking the streets of an urban city rich with culture and art is entertaining in its own right. Though, the sight of snow-capped mountains and the shores of the Pacific Northwest will always take my breath away and inspires the inner travel photographer in me. When you are in Washington stay up and go out, […]

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