Travel Photography Related Sites and Travel Blogs

For those interested in travel photography come check out these other travel sites which feature stunning images.  You’ll also notice a great cross section of travel blogs worth perusing at your leisure.

If you want to be on this blog directory check out the information below:

1000 Places To Fight (The best places around the world to fight before you die)
2 Backpackers
 (Jason & Aracely show you how to backpack in Latin America)
360 Global Travel (Global travel for the global minded backpacker)
501 Places (The best places around the world will be found on 501 places)

A Dangerous Business (Amanda’s got a fantastic rtw travel blog worth checking out)  
 (Awesome travel blog filled with the best travel information)
Adventure Travel Blog (The names says it all:  “Pure adventure travel blog.”)
Adventure Travel & Hiking (On a journey to explore the world, one trail at a time)
Adventure Vacations Blog (For those on a vacation seeking adventure and thrills)     
Africa Travel Blog
 (All things related to travel in Africa.  Wonderful site)
Alex in Wanderland (Alex shares her around the world adventures on this great travel blog)
A Little Adrift (One of the most inspiring travel blogs out there today.  Great travel narrative)
All Colores (All Colores is a travel blog celebrating the joys in life via travel)
America Budget Travel Advice (The best budget travel advice for those in the US)
America For The Frugal Traveler
 (The frugal traveler will love these USA travel tips)
Am I There Yet? (Stuart and Eloise, best known as a travelling couple exploring far off corners)
A Place To Search (A place to search.  Wander.  Travel.  It’s all on this site)
Around Cambodia (Your best resource for travel in Cambodia and SE Asia)
Around The World Travel Blog (Wonderful travel blog for around the world travel information)
Asia Travel Tales (A travel blog that focusses specifically on travel tales from Asia)
Aspiring Backpacker (This backpacker has a mission.  A sense of purpose.  Wow)
Aussie on the Road (Chris has a phenomenal travel blog.  This Aussie is on the road)

Bacon is Magic (Ayngelina has an inspiring travel blog focussed on food and thoughts)
Backpacker Crush
 (Will’s site shows you the hottest things to trot around the globe)
Backpacker Travel Resources (The best in backpacking travel information these days)
Backpacking Spirit
(Budget Backpacking tips – the world is for exploring)    
Banana Roti  (True foodie / travel blog which will make you hungry every time)           
Beers & Beans (Get your beers.  Get your beans.  Get your rtw travel mojo on)
Best Shopping Destinations (Scouting the top destinations to shop for the intrepid traveler)
Blondie at Worldz End  (This gal loves to travel rtw and share things along the way)     
Britain For The Frugal Traveller (Wealth of information for all things frugal in Britain)
Britain On A Shoestring Travel Guide (The ultimate cheapskate guide for travel in Britain)   
Budget Travel Intentions (If you intend to travel on a budget this is your travel blog)
Budget Travel Tips  (A wealth of information for those considering taking a trip without a big budget)

Canucking Abroad (Your best bet and guide to travel in Canada and abroad)
Career Gap Year – Considering taking a career gap year to travel the world
Couples Vacations (Plan you next escape as a couple for your dream vacation rtw)    
Creative Escape (Escaping the cubicle and getting out and exploring the world)    
Ctrl Alt Travel (Travel that is beyond ordinary.  Extraordinary life with adventures)
Culture Shapers (Shaping the world through culture, travel and arts)

Departing Melbourne (For the best in travel narrative with a specific focus on holiday planning)
Don’t Fly Go
 (The overland adventure travel blog that thumbs its nose at flying)
Don’t Stop Living (Jonny Blair’s Don’t Stop Living will give you the resources to pursue your own travels)

Easy Travel (If it feels like travel is getting too easy you’ve likely come to the right blog for info and tips)
ESL and Travel Abroad Information (Top notch information for the best travel and ESL advice and tips out there)         
E Travel Blog (A travel blog that offers only the best tips and advice to make your journey more exciting)
Eurail Travels (Travel in Europe can only be as fun as you make it.  Find out how to do it on this travel blog) 
Europe Cultural Travel Site
 (For the best in cultural travel and beyond this is the site for you to explore)
Europe Tips and Advice (If you’re looking for top notch advice about Europe peruse this site for tips and info)      
Explore Midlands – For travel in the Midlands, UK
Explored Planet  (Exploring the world step by step on this travel blog)

Family Friendly Adventure (Family friendly adventures for all the kids back home.   They’ll thank you for it later)     
Film & Travel (When it comes to film and travel there are many movies worth exploring.  This site highlights the best)
Flip Nomad
 (Flip loves to travel and hit the road.  He’s one of the long term vagabonds that shows no sign of slowing down)
FoXnoMad – Anil Polat is travelling around the world as a digital nomad sharing stories, tips and advice along the way)
Fun Travel Videos (Travel videos that are informative and humorous.  They’ll inspire you to travel around the world)

Gap Year Extreme (Taking a gap year and living life to the extreme is an experience you won’t forget)
Geriatric Traveller
 (This site proves that people of all ages can travel.  The geriatric traveller will show you how it is done)
Global Destinations Blog (For the best around the world destinations and global guides to provide you with the top tips out there)
Global Grasshopper (The travel site that is full of inspiring articles and features some of the best high definition travel photos out there)
Going Abroad (Going abroad and experiencing the time of your life is something worth considering to stop doing soon)
Go World Travel Guide (An extensive world travel guide covering world travel.  The Go World Travel Guide is a phenomenal resource)
Green Travel
 (Green travel is something that is becoming more common these days.  Save the environment while traveling the globe)     
Groove Traveler
 (Few sites are as popular as the Groove Traveller.  With sexy beats from around the world it’s not hard to figure out why)      
Grounded Traveler (The Grounded Traveler will inspire you to hit the road and have your own amazing journey of a lifetime)

Helen in Wonderlust (Check out Helen’s wonderful and inspiring travel blog for great tips, stories and more)
Holiday Backpack
 (For great travel tips and advice for those going on a holiday or a backpacking adventure of a lifetime)
Holidays in Egypt
 (For the most incredible holidays in Egypt look no further than this phenomenal travel blog.  It’s all of the rage for sure)
Honeymoon Holidays (The best honeymoon holidays from around the world with fascinating tips and terrific advice for it)
Hot Spot Journal
 (Highlighting the top hot spots around the world with an emphasis on travel related information that is highly useful)
How To Travel With Pets (A travel blog highlighting the best tips and advice for those who bring cute pets along with them travelling)

I’m Not Home (I’m Not Home is here.  This is the travel site that will no doubt inspire you to travel and live a life of freedom)
Imperative Travel (Travel tips, itineraries and advice for the imperative traveller heading on journeys around the world)
Inspiring to Travel  (Get out there and travel.  Get inspired and see the world one journey at a time)
Insured For Travel (If you’re insured for travel you’ll feel at ease.  Sometimes you have to pay for the right coverage plans)
It’s Lovely Annie Travel Blog (Lovely Annie shares her glorious journey as only a cute type of traveller would do)

Journey Scout (A travel blog that offers inspiring tips, incredible advice and stories that will make you want to hit the road)

Life Cruiser (A down to earth travel site that focusses on travel abroad.  This is the life cruiser type of travel information)
Little Yayas
 (A family on the go that never settles down.  They’re a family that is wonderfully gifted and inspirational)
Lost Intentions
 (Don’t get lost on the main intentions when it comes to travel.  Cultural and lost intentions are part of it)
Low Cost RTW (Your budget travel guide with the best results out there for saving and travelling.  This is phenomenal advice)
Luxury Dream Escape (A travel blog focused on the finer things in life)
Luxury Travel Blog (A luxury travel site that will inspire you to take the dream trip of your life and experience life to the fullest)

Man vs Clock (Anthony is one inspiration guy.  He loves to challenge himself and his readers with great goals worth pursuing)
Matt Gibson Adventure Site (One of the top adventure travel blogs with a focus on compelling narrative and travel photos)   
Minimal World (Growth from a personal level often comes when outer boundaries are pushed to the max.  This can be done)
My Spanish Adventure
 (My Spanish Adventure is a travel site that encourages people to travel to Spain and enjoy the culture)

New Travel Co (News about travel is often quite exciting.  Come find out about the latest deals and hot spots on this travel site)
News Traveller
 (If you’re looking for up to date information on travel you’ve found the best site out there worth checking out) (A great resource for travel information to help you plan out your next trip to New York City)
Nomadic Notes (For the best in travel notes come check out Nomadic Note’s great travel site.  His site will surely inspire you)
Nomadic Photos (Travel photos that will help you get a sense of what it is like to be visiting the place in person.  Inspiring stuff)
Nylon Flights (When it comes to the best travel information regarding flights and travel itineraries look no further than here)

Off The Beaten Path Travel (Travelling to typical places is not what this site recommends.  Instead, get off the grid and enjoy)
Only A Flight Away (When it comes to realizing your travel dreams you’re only a flight away)
Otts World (For stunning travel photography and great travel narrative come check out this wonderful travel blog)      
Our Oyster
 (A great around the world travel blog that focusses on travel narrative, tips, advice, photography and more)

Paramount Travel Blog (If adventures and travels are paramount to you why not check out this site and enjoy your life)     
Philippine Travel Forum (Come find out about the jewel of SE Asia, also known as the Philippines, with forums and more)
Places For Tour (Top notch places to consider touring when on your next around the world trip.  Great information)
Plane News (For your best source of information regarding flights, departures, arrivals and deals at the airport)
Planit NZ (Resource to planning trips to or within New Zealand)
Practical Adventurology (Travel around the world leaving your routines behind.  Consider taking the kids along with you)
Primo Travel (Wonderful travel blog that focussed on all of the best primo destinations one could potentially consider)
Project Hideaway (A luxury travel blog for the perfect getaway)

San Diego Food Blog (San Diego is often known for wonderful weather and culture but did you know about the great cuisine?)
Save Money and Travel Blog (Saving your money is important when it comes to planning your next trip.  Be wise.  Be happy)
Secret Traveller (A wonderful travel blog with great information and stories)
Seek Your Trip
 (For those seeking their next journey consider flying around the world to seek out the best adventure)
Senior Travel Blog (Senior travel tips for the informed senior traveler.  The best travel blog for mature adults going rtw)
Senyorita Travel Blog – A travel blog from the Philippines
Singapore Guide Online (Singapore guide and travel source of information.  This site will have you coming back for more)
Singles Travel (Single travel blog that provides only the best travel information for the solo traveller around the world)
Smiling Travel Images
 (The most happy and radiant smiling faces one could possibly find are on this travel blog site)
South America Tourist Attractions
 (Tourist attractions and travel guides for South America that are comprehensive & fun)
Southwest Compass (The ultimate travel guide that continuously points Southwest travelers in the right directions)
Special Holidays Blog (Holidays around the world can be special.  Travel blog that will help make your next journey special)           
Start To Run (Run away today and find all of the best travel tips, advice and information under the sun right here)          
Stranded Passengers (A passenger who feels stagnant ought to get out and see the world.  There is a lot to be done)
Strange Lands (Journey with us from destination to destination, culture to culture, image to imagine.  Awesome travel blog)

Tech Guide For Travel (A travel resource blog that provides a wealth of information on how to improve your travel blog)
The Aussie Nomad
 (Chris offers great travel stories and tips as he galavants around the globe exploring far off corners)
The Euro Lifestyle (A travel blog that exclusively covers travel in Europe with an emphasis on culture and lifestyle)
The Last Stop
 (Stop right now and consider your travel options.  This site helps you to figure out all of the best destinations)
The Loaded Handbag (The loaded handbag offers up numerous travel destination tips, advice and cultural opportunities)
The Lost Backpack (The lost backpack is one in which travel becomes exciting and stimulating.  Let’s get out and enjoy)
The Plane Hoppers (Travel inspiration and tips)
The Prague Wanderer (Come explore Prague and leave with a sense of satisfaction and joy.  This travel site will show you how)
The Professional Hobo (A website that provides a wealth of travel information for the digital nomad on the road indefinitely)
The Road To Anywhere (Live free, love life, see the world.  The road to anywhere will show you how to live a life of freedom)
The Travelers Blog (A travel site which offers only the best travel information for the informed traveller out there on the road)
The Traveller World Guide (The traveller world guide provides only the best travel information to help you succeed today)
Thousand Lonely Places (These are some of the most under-rated places on the planet worth checking out around the world)
Tips For Travelling Photographers (Travelling photographers have special considerations that only this site knows about)
Top Travel Spots (For all of the best travel spots and destinations worth visiting on your next vacation)
Tourism Picks (When narrowing down your trip to a few different selections be sure to consult tourism picks for the best)
Travel & Tourism Guide (Your ultimate tourism guide for travelling around the world with fantastic information and tips)
Travel & Video (A great youtube travel channel with only the best HD travel videos showcasing the world overseas)
Travel Bay (Don’t get fooled into thinking that travel is complex.  This site will show you just how ‘easy’ it can be for others)       
Travel Blog (One of the best travel blogs out there today.  This travel site provides a wealth of travel related information)
Travel Blog (A top notch travel blog this travel side provides only the best tips, advice and recommendations out there)
Travel Blog Advice (A travel blog that teaches you how to run your own successful travel site with a series of great tips)
Travelbllgr (Jen and Ben are on a quest to travel the world and blog about it)
Travel Blogs (A wonderful travel site that is considered to be one of the top travel blogs.  Great stories and photos)
Travel Blog USA (When traveling in the USA this is the blog you’ll want to be following for the best tips and advice)
Travel City Breaks  (Exploring the best cities around the world one should consider visiting)
TravelFREAK (Inspired stories for the curious traveler)
TraveLinkSites (The best travel blogs are highlighted on this travel site in the form of interviews, tips and info)
Travellistic (Travel Far, Travel Wide with Tim Moon)       
Travel Made Simple (Travel is only complicated when stress is part of the equation.  Eliminate all of that today)
Travel Narrative (A highly informative and useful travel site with phenomenal travel narrative and a lot more)
Travel On Your Lonesome (Solo travel advice for solo female travellers)
Travel Sex Life (Life without sex is something many could never imagine.  Life with travel plans is equally as important)
Travel Site (One of the top travel blogs for great photography, stories, tips and videos.  Best travel blog out there today)
Travel The Middle East (Travel in the Middle East is something more can enjoy.  Find out all of the details on this site)
Travel This Earth
 (Travel on our planet is a special gift that anybody can enjoy.  Find out how to do it right here)        
Travel Times Mag (Stay connected with what is going on in the world of travel with this great digital magazine)
TravelVana (Travel Vana is a top notch travel site that provides a wealth of information to the informed traveller)
Travelwkly (For all of the best weekly travel tips and advice come check out this phenomenal travel site today)
Travelling Cheaply (Spend less.  See more!)
Traveling and Digging Art  (If you dig art and you dig travel you’ve found a blog you ought to explore)
Traveling in Focus (For top notch tips, advice and stories related to travel be sure to check out this top travel site)
Traveling With Kids (Travelling with children can be a true joy.  Experience the pleasure by reading more here right now)
Travelling With Me (Come join Scott and follow his journeys by checking out his travel blog)
Trip Bloggers Central (A travel blog featuring travel and adventures from around the world.  Inspiration stuff here)
TripHackr (Travel hacking one trip at a time with an emphasis on providing only best advice, tips and info available)
True Travellers Society (A true travellers society is one in which the emphasis is clearly placed on the journey)

Under The Same Sun (Sometimes the best travel information is what can be found at your fingers tips or under the sun)
United States Tourist Attractions
 (Few countries around the world have as many top notch travel attractions as the US)

Vacation Lifestyle (Few lifestyle travel sites offer as much information about great vacations as this travel blog)
Vegas Travel Source (If your dream has always been to visit and travel in Vegas than this site will help you out big time)
Villa Dream Vacations (When one thinks of comfort they often think of villas.  Check out this site for all the best tips)
Visit Ilocandia – For travel to Ilocandia in the Philippines
Volunteer Leaders (Volunteer leaders are not born over night.  The process is one in which it is developed over time)

Wandering Trader Travel Blog (A day trader with perpetually itchy feet.  Marcello travels around the world enjoying life)
Will Peach
 (Will Peach loves to hit the road and enjoy life.  He’s a quirky lad with some fascinating observations on life)          
Work Break Travel (Don’t just take a break without first planning out what you’re doing to be doing on the road)
World Leading Vacations (Few places in the world offer great vacations.  We’ll help you find the diamonds in the rough)
World Travel Inspiration  (An inspiring guide for traveling the world, loving life and expanding as an individual)
World Wandering Kiwi (This Kiwi shares her lovely stories of adventures and travels with all of her adoring fans)
Worldwide Travel Advice (Your first stop for global travel insights, advice and tips)

You vs the Globe (Take on the world and win)

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