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I’m Samuel Jeffery, a travel writer, travel photographer and travel videographer who loves to travel the world and capture it in as many mediums as possible.

You may know me as Nomadic Samuel from my flagship travel blog or from Smiling Faces Travel Photos.

I’ve created this site with the intention of helping those who would like to improve their travel photography.  As a self-taught photographer, I’ve started from very humble beginnings to now having my photos featured or print and on-line publications and shared with thousands around the world.

I’m confident you can get to that point as well with enough practice and study of the craft. If you take the time to check out Travel Photography Tips you’ll notice I offer travel photography tutorials, advice, travel destination guides and more to help you improve your travel photography skills.

This site will be updated frequently with new techniques, tips and hot destinations worth exploring to take photos. Whether you are a novice photographer or an enthusiast I’m confident this site will have information that will be beneficial for you.

Travel photography is unique from other photography genres because it encompasses so much.  From places to landscapes, from architecture to markets, from people to inanimate objects, it’s all part of the umbrella we call travel photography. You may be indoors shooting at a museum or out in the frigid cold taking shots of a polar bear.  There is just that much diversity when it comes to travel photography.

This site will attempt to cover it all and give tips that will be useful for use out in the field, as much as inside a restaurant. Many travel photographers eventually choose to specialize in a certain field and you be inspired to do so yourself; however, it’s important to have the skills to take photos in just about any situation.

Travel Photography Tips will help provide those technical skills to inspire you to reach your potential as a travel photographer. Nomadic Samuel taking more photos

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