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Why you should book now for Summer 2018

How a bit of forward thinking could make your next holiday a whole lot easier – and cheaper. You have your summer holidays coming up in a few weeks, the kids are finishing school shortly and outside, the sun is shining. And while your thoughts are far from taking a holiday a whole twelve months […]

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Places to Photograph in San Francisco

Hundreds of fans of photography flock to the US every year. America is one of the most diverse countries in the world with such a wide range of landscapes, communities, architectures and attractions to visit and to capture on film. A question people often ask when traveling to San Francisco, once they’ve organized what to […]

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How to Have a Luxurious Weekend in LA

LA Sunset

La La Land, The Big Orange, The City of Flowers and Sunshine, The City of Angels; no matter what you call it, Los Angeles is a city you won’t soon forget. With its pleasant Mediterranean climate, its vibrant diversity, and its liberal attitudes, LA is the epitome of style and progress. This Californian city is […]

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Top 3 motorcycle trips to take in North America

There are many great motorcycle routes throughout the world, but there are three in North America that should be at the top of your list if you love riding: Cabot Trail in Canada, Pacific Coast Highway in the United States, and Baja California in Mexico. Today we’re going to be looking at those three routes and […]

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5 Ohio Destinations You Must See

Taking its name from the Iroquois “ohi-yo”, translating roughly to “great river”, Ohio is one of America’s hidden gems. Just west of the gorgeous Appalachians and sharing a border with the historic Lake Erie, its natural beauty is often overlooked by tourists that think they’ll find more excitement along the coast. Much like every state […]

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5 cool spots to photograph in Las Vegas

New York , New...eh... Las Vegas

Las Vegas – the city that never sleeps! This is such an iconic destination for parties, honeymooners, and families on vacation, but did you know that Vegas can also be a bit of a photographer’s paradise? Today, we’re going to show you 5 spots around the town that are worth lugging your camera to. Flickr […]

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In Search of Architecture: 4 Philippine Destinations

The Philippines is known for its picture-perfect beaches, colorful dive sites, and verdant forests. Aside from these natural wonders, the country also boasts a long list of man-made structures that deserve to be made into someone’s wallpaper. Alongside old churches, it’s quite easy to see a lot of houses, shops, and government buildings that carry […]

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Langkawi: Malaysia’s All-In-One Escape

Langkawi has been becoming pretty popular these days. Wonderful beaches, great waves, and a home of various animals sanctuary. Claimed as the best destination in Malaysia, Langkawi is dubbed as the island of paradise. Getting in to Langkawi is quite easy and there are many ways to get there. Boats that take you to Langkawi […]

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